Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

If you’re in need of real estate services to sell your current residence and/or purchase a new home, we can help. Total Relocation Services/Mayflower Transit partners with numerous real estate vendors throughout the country. Contract with one of our preferred real estate vendors, then utilize Total Relocation Services for your relocation, and you qualify for a rebate of approximately $5.00 per $1000.00 based upon the sale price of your current home and/or purchase price of your new home. CityPointe® will make it happen for you.

CityPointe is a value-added relocation service offered, through Mayflower Transit, to your transferring employees.  CityPointe will provide your employees with a select real estate professional to assist them in marketing their current home and finding a new home.  CityPointe provides destination information for your employees to help them settle into their new homes.  Employees taking advantage of CityPointe’s full array of services is eligible for a cash reimbursement of approximately $5 per $1000—of home value (on both the origin and destination sides of the move).
How will my Company and our employees benefit from using CityPointe?
Real Estate Services
Buying and selling homes can be of the biggest challenges of the relocation process (not to mention the most expensive).  Through CityPointe, your employees will have access to a national network of real estate professionals to assist them with their existing home sale and the purchase of a new residence.  This can minimize one of the most stressful parts of relocation and allow your employees to focus on their new position.
Temporary Housing
CityPointe can provide temporary housing quarters that suit the unique needs and lifestyles of your employees and their families.  We can supply short term solutions, as well as cost effective options.
Destination Information
CityPointe will turn a potentially stressful situation into a well orchestrated experience that will help your employees settle into their new homes faster and get back to work faster.

  • Cost of Living Analysis
  • Area Orientation
  • New City profiles
  • City Comparison Reports
  • In-depth School Reports

Cash Reimbursements
With CityPointe, employees can maximize the purchasing power of every dollar available in your relocation program.  Employees using a real estate agent from the CityPointe network of real estate professionals and who use Mayflower Transit to transport their household goods may be eligible for a cash reimbursement of approximately $5 per $100—of home value (on both the origin and destination sides of the move).

Make your relocation faster, easier and more cost-effective.

  • Provides additional resources to your transferring employee
  • Enhances your employee’s relocation package
  • Is provided at no additional cost to your company or your employees
  • Takes no additional time on your part to implement

*Your employees bear the cost of hiring their real estate agents.
** Reimbursements are based on home value.  To be eligible, customers must close their sale through a real estate agent referred by CityPointe and home value must not exceed $100,000.  Certain moving expenses are tax-deductible less any reimbursement that you receive (consult a tax advisor).  Please ask your Mayflower Transit representative for more details.