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Office or Business Relocation – Total Relocation Services has been the businesses mover of choice since 1903

Moving your place of business is no small undertaking. Regardless of whether you moving a large office complex or a small personal office, relocation requires advance planning and preparation if it is going to be pulled off successfully. At the top of the list of concerns is hiring the right office relocation company to do the job.

The relocation company you choose will determine how smoothly and efficiently the move takes place. There are several factors to consider when seeking business movers for your office relocation.

1. Are the business movers experienced? Office relocation planning can be complicated, but you need yours to happen smoothly so your new office will be operational as soon as possible. You certainly do not need the problems that may arise due to inexperience. Total Relocation Services has been in operation since 1903 and provides the confidence you need. Your office relocation project will happen with minimal unforeseen problems or delays.

2. What is the reputation of the commercial mover? If in doubt, ask for references. Seek out businesses with similar needs that have used the movers in the past. Inquire about their customer service, how frequently and clearly they communicate the business relocation plan, and how smoothly they accomplished the move.

3. Do you require an office relocation specialist? If your office includes the latest in high-tech equipment, you will want the assurance of knowing your business movers are experienced in handling an office move with sensitive computers, electronics and servers, . Movers entrusted with important documents must be able to deliver them safely and securely while respecting confidentiality. As an office relocation specialist, Total Relocation Services is familiar with the evolving needs of office relocations today.

4. What preliminary packing will be expected of you and your employees? Will the movers be responsible for the entire move from start to finish, or will you disconnect your own computers, boxed your own books, and empty your own drawers before the movers even arrive? Upon reaching the new location, will the movers unpack your belongings and set up the office or will that be your responsibility? Generally, the more the movers do the more smoothly the relocation will go.

5. Will your move be within a local area or to a distant location? Whether your business is moving down the hall, across town, across the country, or around the world presents different variables. As an authorized agent for Mayflower Transit with a network of approximately 650 affiliated agents worldwide, TRS can help you relocate your office either within Wisconsin or to anywhere in the world.

6. What guarantees do the movers provide? Are you confident that the move will be finished within the discussed time frame? Will precautions be taken to minimize damages? Who will cover the cost if damages do occur? These questions are best answered before they become an issue.

8. When will your move take place? Reserve your chosen business movers for your office relocation as soon as you know the date(s) of your move. Preferably, make the booking 2-3 months in advance to ensure availability. If the movers are not available on your selected date(s), you will still have time to reschedule the relocation or make alternative arrangements.

9. Can you get a free quote for the office relocation? If so, is the quote an estimate or a guarantee? You are likely dealing with an estimate if your quote is given over the phone or online. A guaranteed quote typically requires an on-site evaluation. The final cost will mainly depend on the distance involved, the weight of the shipment, and the amount of packing and unpacking desired.

For more information about TRS and the services we offer, contact our customer services at  800-432-9512 or 920-468-2020. You can also contact our customer service or complete the “FREE QUOTE” form on this website to request a free no-obligation moving quote.

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