Claim Submission

We are sorry you have found it necessary to report a claim. BRS attempts to settle all claims in an equitable and timely manner. We appreciate your cooperation in filling out the form. Upon receipt of the form, a file will be established and assigned to an adjuster. You should receive a letter within 3 weeks of receipt of the claim form in acknowledgment.

Interstate Moves

Federal regulations establish the minimum filing requirements as a “communication in writing from a claimant filed with a proper carrier within the time limits specified in the bill of lading or contract of carriage for transportation, and (I) containing facts sufficient to identify the baggage or shipment (or shipments) of property involved, (II) asserting liability for alleged loss, damage, injury or delay, and (III) making a claim for the payment of a specified or determinable amount of money, shall be considered as sufficient compliance with the provisions for filing claims embraced in the bill of lading or other contract carriage.

Local Moves

Minimum Filing Requirements

  1. The time limit for filing a local claim is 30 days and the time limit for filing an intra claim is 60 days from date of delivery. The 30 day local claim and 60 day intra claim filing period does not apply to government, military and some national account contracts. Contact your booking agent, transportation management office or move coordinator for specific claim filing information.
  2. Transportation charges must be paid prior to claim settlement.

Please provide the information below and we will proceed with your claim right away.

General Instructions:

  1. Please retain the damaged articles, including shipping cartons. These items must be available for inspections.
  2. Time limit for filing an interstate claim is 9 months from the date of delivery.
  3. Transportation charges must be paid prior to claim settlement.

Helpful Hints:

  1. The ORDER FOR SERVICE NUMBER must be referenced on claim form and on any subsequent correspondence or inquiries. If not already entered on the claim form, this number can be found at the top right hand corner of the Bill of Lading. This number also appears on the top right hand corner of the Order for Service.
  2. Complete top portion of form thoroughly. Include zip codes with addresses and area codes with telephone numbers. Please give us the phone numbers where you can be reached during normal business hours.
  3. Complete all columns for articles claimed.
    • Not providing inventory numbers may delay the processing of your claim.
    • Give a brief description of article claimed including make and model number if applicable (coffee table TV – XYZ model 123).
    • Describe the extent, location and nature of damage,(Scratch top right edge or left rear leg broken).
    • Indicate the article’s replacement cost today for same or similar articles.
    • Enter the amount you are claiming in settlement. The CLAIM FORM is not complete without this amount.
    • If the claimed item was packed, please indicate whether the carton was damaged by marking YES or NO in the appropriate column. This information is important since we allocate responsibility to the party responsible for the reported damage.
  4. If additional space is required, please be sure attached pages include the same information requested on this form
  5. The claim must be signed and dated. Failure to sign will result in the form being returned for signature
  6. Be sure all unpacking has been accomplished, and all items checked, before submitting claim.
  7. Do not have any items repaired unless we advise you to do so.


Inventory NumberArticle weightDescription of loss/damageDate of PurchaseCost to ReplaceWas Ct Damaged
3840 lbs.end table /scratched top4 years$275.00N/A
1840 bowl broken8 mo$22.50NO