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The goal for any employee or corporate relocation is for it to happen smoothly with a minimal amount of “down time” for the employee. Whether that actually happens, though, depends on choosing the right relocation services provider to orchestrate the move. If you are seeking corporate relocation services or an employee relocation quote, here are some factors to consider in choosing your relocation package or provider:
Buyout programs. Does the relocation services provider guarantee the sale of the existing homes of employees? What are the stipulations and the percentages? Will costs related to the sale be covered?
24/7 updates available online. Can you and/or your employees quickly and accurately check the status of the relocation by accessing an online account from anywhere in the world?
Housing options. When employees arrive at the new location, what kind of corporate relo housing will be provided? Will they be staying in hotel rooms, suites, or houses? What (if any) furnishings, appliances, and utensils will be provided? Will this arrangement last for days, weeks, or years?
Home services. Will the services provider help employees make arrangements for utilities, phone, and cable? Will a car be provided, at least on a temporary basis?
Moving of belongings. Will the services provider coordinate all the details with the movers to deliver belongings to the corporate relo home? Does this include packing, transporting, and unpacking? Will the move occur within your time constraints? If the corporate relo home will only be provided temporarily, will the belongings then be moved to a more permanent residence?
Personal services. Is housekeeping included? Will a personal shopper or an interior designer be available? Are pets welcome? If so, is there a pet walking service?
Assistance acquiring permanent housing. Will your employees be supported with practical guidance in finding good homes in good neighborhoods for good prices? What is the timeframe for new housing to be found?
Family needs. Is assistance offered in finding a good school and enrolling children of employees? Will childcare be arranged for preschoolers? If desired, will the spouse be assisted in finding work? Will cultural training or language education be provided for the family?
Documentation. If it will be an international relocation, will the services provider help with securing necessary documents such as passports and visas?
Billing. Will the company receive a single monthly bill, or will payment be more complicated than that?

In addition to these, your company and its employees may have other unique needs and expectations. These should be discussed with the relocation services provider in advance in order to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings.
If you have a history with your relocation services provider, then you already know what to expect and how the job will be done. If you do not have a history, request references. Contact businesses that have used the provider in the past. Ask about the types of relocations handled. A move within a local region involves different dynamics than a move across the country or around the world.
Of course, a major consideration is the employee relocation cost. There are significant costs associated with corporate relocations, whether they be short or long term. Businesses that ask their employees to relocate usually cover some or all of these costs. Seek the best value, which may or may not be the lowest price. Evaluate the services included, how quickly the move will be completed, and how soon your employees can be up and running in the new location.
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