How to Shop for Service Providers for Your New Home

When you move to a new place, you often have to set up new services. Sometimes you have a choice, and sometimes you don’t.

For many, Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury. Instead, it’s a necessity for your home. Whether you work from home or simply use the internet for entertainment, each house has various needs to consider, such as service:

  • Availability
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Type of Connection
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support

It’s essential to assess your unique situation before signing your Internet contract. Here are a few tips to help you find the best deals.

Start Early

It’s tempting to wait to schedule some services until after you move. After all, moving takes up most of your spare time. But once you arrive, you’ll wish you started early.

Companies that sell home services often offer deals at certain times of the year. You’ll get a better price if you sign up at one of those times.

When you start researching, look for previous sales and see if there is a prior pattern to the sales. That way, you’ll know the right window to sign up.

Get Recommendations

If you have a choice to select services like Internet, cable, or satellite, it’s a good idea to get recommendations first. A good deal at sign-up is excellent, but reliable service is more important.

Ask friends and family members about their experiences with the company. Listen to people who have had to contact the company for support.

Compare Your Options

When you have a choice, it’s essential to explore your options. Try to avoid going with the first one you research.

Look at the deals you get for signing up and compare those to the prices you’ll pay once that introductory period ends. Also, pay attention to costs you pay to set up an account, like equipment or installation.

Weigh the costs against the company’s track record for service. Sometimes, the best option isn’t the cheapest.

Ask About Discounts

Signing up for services can feel a little like a haggling exercise. Service representatives may have options to give you, but only if you ask for them.

Ask about discounts for bundling services or joining a loyalty program. Again, do a little research in advance about these programs, so you know what you get for participation.

If all else fails, mention the deals you can get from a competitor. For example, it might help you get a better deal from a more reliable company.

Try Again Later

Once you have the services in place, set a reminder to look at them before the introductory period ends. You can see if your options look better now or if you’re better off staying where you are.

It’s common for people to change services regularly to keep getting discounts for signing up for new services. Be sure to try a few negotiating tips with your current provider as well. They may be able to cut you a deal to convince you to keep your account.

Moving Forward

Shopping for services is a common part of moving, and there are ways to make it more cost-effective. 

For help with your upcoming move, contact us to request a quote.