Cleaning Your New Home Before Move-In: 5 Items to Put On the Check List

Are you moving into a pre-owned home? Unless the sellers had it professionally cleaned before moving out, you might want to do your own cleaning. While it’s easy to think of apparent tasks like cleaning the counters and sinks, some tasks are less likely to come to mind. The following suggestions can help you make your new home cleaner and move-in ready, which will make your first weeks in your new home more enjoyable.

1. Clean the Oven and Stove

The oven and stove can get very dirty, and not everyone thinks to clean the oven and stove when they’re moving out or into a new house. Use oven cleaner to get rid of the worst grime on your oven and stove. Follow manufacturer’s instructions, and remember that oven cleaners can create fumes, so take any recommended precautions to protect your health and the health of others in your household. Or, if you prefer to use a chemical-free solution, try vinegar and baking soda.

2. Deep Clean the Bathrooms

You can never get a bathroom too clean. Deep cleaning the bathrooms in your new home will help ensure that your new home is free of some unpleasant germs. To deep clean your bathroom, pay attention to trouble areas like:

  • Grout between tiles
  • In and around the toilet
  • Crevices in the shower
  • Drawers in the bathroom vanity

Take time to lay down a new shelf liner in the bathroom vanity (or vanities, depending on how many bathrooms you’re cleaning), so your bathroom can look brand new by the time you’re ready to move in.

3. Eliminate Dust from the Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans can hold a lot of dust, mostly in places you can’t see. The top of the ceiling fan blades, for example, is likely full of dust and grime. Want to know an easy trick for cleaning your ceiling fan blades? Take an old pillowcase and insert the case over the blade, pretending that the blade is a pillow. Next, pull off the dust to stay contained in the pillowcase. This way, the dust won’t fall onto the floor!

4. Shampoo the Carpet

Carpeting has a way of becoming very dirty over time. This is one of the reasons that many people pull up the carpet before they move into their new home. If you’re planning to keep the carpet, consider shampooing it to eliminate dander and allergens that could be trapped inside. This might be especially important if the previous homeowners were also pet owners.

5. Clean Walls, Repaint if Needed

Handprints, scuff marks, and mystery marks can make walls look old and make a room look grimy. Cleaning the walls can give your new home a fresh, new feel. On glossy paint, the easiest way to clean the walls is to use a melamine sponge. Can’t get rid of the marks? Consider repainting. Repainting your new home is a great way to make your house all your own!

Moving? Work With the Pros!

Moving into a new home can be a lot of work. Take some of that work off your plate by working with the pros. When working with a full-service mover, you have more time to get your new home ready! Call today to discuss your move.


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