6 Tips to Save Money When Moving

Moving can sometimes be expensive. The average cost of moving ranges from $800 to $2,500, and that’s for moves of 100 miles or less. On average, long-distance moves cost even more, from $2,200 to $5,700.

Here are six ways to save during a move.

1. Create a Budget

Start the moving process by creating a budget. Having projected and actual costs in writing will help you stick to a plan and cut back on unexpected expenses.

Setting up a moving budget can be as simple as creating a spreadsheet on a computer or using pen and paper. Then, add a 5 percent contingency into your projected costs to avoid surprises.

2. Sell Items

Long before your move, go through your belongings. Set aside items you no longer need or use but are still nice enough to sell.

Hold a yard sale, head to a consignment shop, or sell items online. This will help you raise a little extra money for your move.

3. Only Move What You Need

While going through your items, get rid of things you no longer want. Whether you sell, donate or recycle, there’s no need to pay to move unwanted items.

This will help reduce the number of belongings you need to pack and load, plus fewer items taking up space and weight on a truck, which will reduce costs.

4. Move During the Off-Season

If you can choose when you move, schedule it for the off-season. Most people move in summer when kids are out of school, and the housing market is at its peak.

This means moving companies are extra busy and tend to charge more. Moving in winter, when demand for moving services isn’t as high, can result in lower rates.

5. Seek Free Packing Material

The costs of packing materials — such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam sheets, and crates — can add up fast. Save money by collecting used materials for free.

Several months before the move, ask local businesses if they’ll give you their used boxes and supplies. When you get packages in the mail, keep the packing materials. And save up your newspapers and old towels; they’re perfect for packing around fragile items.

6. Compare Moving Estimates

Before deciding on a mover, gather and compare multiple estimates. Of course, the lowest estimate isn’t always the best choice (too-low prices may be a red flag).

But comparing prices can help you hire a reputable, reliable service and save money. Just be sure to start this vetting process well ahead of the move to get the best rates.

Moving the Easy Way

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