5 Reasons Not to DIY Your Move 

When you tell friends and family that you’re moving, they commonly assume that you will do it yourself. But, you must determine if tackling the move yourself is the right choice.

DIY moving is much harder than it looks, with real risks for your body and belongings. So in most cases, it’s better to leave the job to the experts.

Here are five reasons you’ll be glad you didn’t DIY your move and called in pro movers instead.

1. You’ll Still Spend Money

Most people think about DIY moving because they want or need to save money. But, in most cases, you still spend much of your cash.

You still have to pay for all the boxes and other packing supplies. You could spend thousands of dollars if you need to rent a truck for a long-distance move.

You’ll have to spend more on repairs when you make an expensive mistake. However, knowing that a professional is taking care of it for you is much better.

2. You’ll Still Need Help

When you’re young, asking friends to help you move may not seem significant. But, as you age, asking people to spend the weekend lifting heavy furniture for you is more challenging.

Even if you are strong and fit, you may have furniture or appliances that you can’t move by yourself. If you try, you put yourself at risk.

Hiring a professional mover eliminates the worry of asking for help. As an added benefit, you know that the movers will be reliable.

3. You Might Damage Your Stuff

Some people think that only they can take proper care of their belongings. But you might not know how to do that.

Do you know the best way to move a wide refrigerator out of a house? What about that heirloom piano?

Moving your most precious items, like expensive technology or jewelry yourself, is a wise idea. However, movers are more likely to get it there in one piece for the big stuff.

4. You’ll Have More Obstacles

When you DIY a move, you’re putting yourself in charge of clearing all obstacles. For a long-distance move, that might mean dozens of complicated decisions.

There are tons of things that could come up in the process of loading or moving that you didn’t anticipate. For example, loading a truck, and realizing that you can’t fit everything, is a big problem.

Hiring movers gives you experienced experts to handle the challenges.

5. You Could Get Hurt

Most people aren’t in the habit of moving heavy furniture all day. Your body simply isn’t used to it.

It’s not just a matter of whether you can lift the item in question. Moving is a repetitive task that compounds the stress on your body. You may hurt yourself in the process.

The worst part is that you might not even notice it at the moment. So instead of putting yourself at risk for complicated injuries, it’s better to have someone else do it.

Moving Assistance

DIY moving may seem like a great idea, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. To schedule your upcoming move, contact us for a quote.


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