7 Ways To Help Your Mover on Moving Day

Moving to a new house, condo, apartment, or even a dorm room is a lot of work, no doubt about it. So if you’re like many other people planning a move, you’re hiring a professional mover to help do the heavy lifting and ensure all your possessions arrive safely from point A to point B.

You can help your mover on moving day by taking a few steps to make the process as seamless as possible.

1. Complete All the Packing

Unless you opt for packing and unpacking services, you’ll want to complete all your packing by the time your mover arrives at their scheduled time. Movers have a schedule to keep, and when your boxes are ready to load, it’ll help them to keep on schedule and get you in your new place more quickly.

2. Plan for Children and Pets

Make arrangements for your small children and pets on moving day. In addition to disrupting the movers’ work, this could cause injury to your kids, pets, or the movers themselves.

If you cannot move them from your home, clear a room for them to stay in. For small children, hire a babysitter and keep some toys, books, or electronics to play with. As for your pets—keep the door closed and make sure everyone knows they are there. Include a sign on the door for added safety.

3. Clear Driveways and Walkways

Before moving day, remove any clutter or obstacles from the movers’ pathways. This way, they can avoid injuries or dropping your boxes. In fall or winter, remove any seasonal debris or clear areas if snow or ice is present at your old or new home. Your movers will appreciate the hassle-free and safe access you provide to both locations.

4. Plan for Mover Parking

Ensure your movers have access. Ideally, your mover can park in your driveway or front of the house. However, if you need permits or to make other arrangements for either end of your move, do this before moving day. In addition, notify neighbors to allow for street parking of the moving van.

5. Empty Drawers and Other Furniture Items

Before moving day, check with your movers to see if they require you to empty dresser drawers. And see if you need to disassemble any other furniture items.

6. Label Boxes Clearly

It’s helpful for your movers to know what type of objects are in each box and where you’d like each furniture item or box placed. Putting clear labels on your boxes simplifies things for both you and them. So, label each box on all sides, indicating which rooms they should place the boxes in at your new home. Be sure to label your fragile items as well.

7. Stay Out of The Way and Remain Available

Resist the urge to help your movers, and let your professional team handle your move. But do remain available in case your movers have questions for you. 

Ready to Plan Your Next Move?

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