How To Know You Have A Good Mover

A good mover is key to a successful move. Knowing the qualities of good movers is the first step to making sure you have one.


Good movers come in all sizes — from big-name national companies to lesser-known regional movers. Ask friends for recommendations and use websites such as Yelp to see the average customer rating. 

Excellent movers will have satisfied customers who rate them well. They also can provide references. Ask movers you are considering the names of three people they have moved recently and contact each with specific questions.

Reliable movers will be easy to find on websites and transparent about their locations and policies. They also can present you with their Department of Transportation license numbers and professional certifications they have earned.

Before making a final decision, check with the Better Business Bureau. Good movers will be registered and have successfully resolved any complaints.

Inventory and Estimate

A good mover will inventory the items you wish to move. The estimator should be thorough, going through each room, closet, and cupboard, either virtually or in-person, asking detailed questions. The mover will provide an estimate based upon the weight and space required for your items.

The estimator also will answer any questions you have on the estimate thoroughly and frankly. You should always obtain estimates from several movers. Reliable companies generally will offer similar estimates for the same job. Avoid relying on estimates through websites that offer to find you a mover.

Expertise and Experience

Good movers have been in business for many years and have experience in moving companies or households locally or long-distance. Ask questions about how the company trains its employees and if they supplement their full-time staff with temporary movers.

Make sure your movers have the expertise and experience in the type of move you are making. Moving to a high-rise apartment is very different from moving to a country location. A good mover will be able to handle the kind of relocation you are making.

If you have unusual specialty items, such as pianos, large appliances, gym equipment, spas, or grandfather clocks, be sure the mover has specific experience moving them.

Also, a good mover will provide additional services like packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly, reassembly, and temporary storage.


Good movers also will confirm the time, date, and location of your move at booking, provide you with a signed order of service and a bill of lading. Bill of Lading includes the terms and conditions under which your property is moved, and it is also your receipt for the moving shipment.

Three P’s

Quality movers practice the three P’s — punctuality, precision, and professionalism. They value your time and possessions, pack and load your items carefully, and communicate with you professionally and courteously. They provide enough staff to do the job well.


Reliable movers have up-to-date equipment such as heavy-duty hand trucks, dollies, lifts, and, in some cases, cranes. They also have a fleet of moving vans of various sizes. While some reliable movers rent their trucks, a mover who owns them may offer more flexibility with scheduling and accommodate last-minute changes more easily.

Have a Confident Move

These are some of the ways to identify good quality movers for your move. We can help answer more questions and provide you with a quote. Contact us today!


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