Selling Your Home? 3 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

One of the stressful aspects of residential moving has nothing to do with the move itself. It’s making sure your old home sells quickly and at the price you request. In today’s world, the look of a home is one of the biggest selling points. Your home’s “curb appeal”, or how it looks from the street, is often a deciding factor during a purchase.

Keep Up with Your Lawn and Landscaping

Your lawn and the landscaping you have added play a huge role in the exterior appearance of your home and the visual appeal it has from the street. If you have already moved and can’t keep up with the lawn care, hire a landscaper to come and mow your grass at regular intervals. If you are still in the home but are preparing for your move, continue to take pride in how your home looks. Keeping up with the lawn and landscaping is the best way to show prospective buyers how well you cared for your home.

Put in a little extra effort and clean up your landscaping. Add fresh mulch. Remove plants that are no longer thriving and add a small statue or other decorative items. Keep the weeds trimmed down and always give the property a good looking over when you finally finish for the day. When it comes to keeping your lawn looking nice, the work will definitely pay off when your home sells.

Make Small Repairs and Touch-Ups

As your home gets older, small imperfections may become more noticeable. The trim around your windows and doors may start to show signs of peeling paint. 

Take a close look at your window shutters. Are all of the slats there? Could they use a new coat of paint? It’s also a good idea to take a close look at your roof and gutters. Remove any debris and make sure that your gutters are clean with no obstructions. This may be a tedious job, but it’s one item on your maintenance checklist that should never be overlooked.

Put up a new mailbox if your old one looks as if it has seen better days. Replace any decorative items that may look out of date or damaged. If you have a porch, add a new chair or two. If you have landscaping, add to it by putting a few hanging planters around your porch. Brighten your home with a few splashes of color and it will do wonders for attracting the attention of new home buyers who are interested in your neighborhood.

Add Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting serves two important purposes. Not only does it offer additional security, but ambient lighting also enhances the look of your home after dark. Both of these work to keep your home safe by making entryways more visible at night and deterring prowlers from attempting a break-in. Well-placed security lights and those attached to motion-sensors are a great way to show a prospective homeowner that safety was always one of your primary concerns.

Prepping for the Move

When you start to plan for your move and are preparing your current home for sale, remember the power of curb appeal. Take time to spruce up the outside of your home. Potential buyers want a home that portrays an image of both success and stability. Often, this means looking for a home that stands out and gives the passerby something nice and stylish to look at. You want your home to stand out. Keep it looking its best and you will be surprised at how quickly prospective buyers begin to show interest.

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