Moving Day: The Ultimate Checklist for Your Residential Move

You have spent countless hours preparing for your residential move. From searching for the ideal new home to gathering moving supplies and from setting up utilities to securing help moving, the big day has finally arrived.

You need continued organization until every last box is moved and unpacked. Moving day is no exception.

This ultimate moving day checklist will help your relocation go smoothly.

The Night Before the Move

Eliminate as much moving stress as possible by prepping the night before you leave. Now is the time to make your final preparations for moving day.

Complete the Packing

If you still have some loose items around, pack them away in boxes or crates. Complete the packing so that you’ll be ready when your movers arrive in the morning. Set aside things like the paperwork that you’ll need for the move.

Make Sure Everything is Labeled

Be sure that you label your boxes as you pack them. Include the contents of the box and the room in which it should be placed in the new house. Double-check all of the boxes at this point to make sure they are labeled or color-coded appropriately. This will avoid confusion at your new place.

Remove the Trash

It’s unnecessary to bring trash or unwanted items from one home to the next. Place your garbage outside in the trash container. That way, you won’t accidentally pack it up and bring it to your new home. This includes any mess created from your packing materials.

Moving Day

Plan to get an early start on moving day. This helps ensure you will have ample time to get everything done. 

Add the following items to your moving day checklist.

Separate Special Items

Make sure the boxes of things you will need right away in your new house are labeled clearly and separated from the other moving boxes. Be sure to tell the movers that these items will be going with you in your car or should be loaded onto the truck last, depending on how you decide to handle them.

Greet Your Movers

Meet your moving team upon their arrival and get the information about the day’s schedule. Provide the movers with any special instructions and ask questions if you are uncertain about the timeline.

Stay Available While the Truck is Loaded

Remain around and accessible to the movers while they are loading your belongings. They might have questions for you that only you, as the homeowner, can answer.

Clean the Rooms as They are Cleared

Now is the time to complete last-minute cleaning since the boxes and furniture are out of the way. 

Walk Through the House

When everything is out, complete a final walkthrough of the home. Check every cabinet, drawer, and closet to ensure there are no straggling items left behind. After making that final walk-through, alert your moving team.

Final Goodbyes

Take a few minutes and allow for some closure by saying goodbye. Spend a little time in your favorite family spots, including the yard. Say goodbye to your old home.

Transfer the Keys and Paperwork

If you’re leaving a rental home, you might need to drop off keys and paperwork with the landlord or leasing office. 

If you’re moving out of a sold home, prearrange the key transfer with your realtor. Then lock the house place the keys in the pre-designated location.

Upon Arrival at Your New Home

Meet up with the moving team. Provide any direction they might need at the new home. Stay available for questions here as well.

Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

Use these tips to help your moving day go off without a hitch. You will soon be settled into your new home!

If you are still making preparations for your move, contact us.