Hiring Professional Movers vs. Moving by Yourself: What You Need to Know

Do you plan on moving soon? It’s essential to plan the basics to ensure your move goes smoothly.

You’ll want to decide if you’re handling your move alone or if you’re going to seek the help of professionals. Both options have their benefits, and they both work for different people in different situations.

Should you choose to move by yourself or to hire a professional mover? Here’s a breakdown of both options.

Moving by Yourself

A DIY move may seem like the way to go, but more goes into moving than you might expect. In addition to gathering the moving supplies and equipment, you’ll have to pack up your boxes, lift and move heavy furniture, and load and unload everything into your vehicle or rental truck.

DIY movers usually need help and will ask friends or neighbors for assistance. But you don’t have this benefit if you’re living in or moving to an unfamiliar area.

If you don’t have a lot to move and you’re not moving far, a DIY move might be an option. But if you have a house full of stuff and are moving a long distance, to another state or even internationally, a DIY move is a significant challenge and probably requires the help of professionals.

Benefits of a DIY Move

People choose a DIY move because they:

  • Have a smaller household to move
  • Are moving locally
  • Try to save money
  • Can control their move
  • Want to do it on their own schedule

Disadvantages of a DIY Move

A DIY move isn’t perfect and shouldn’t be your first choice. Here’s why:

  • Expenses can add up
  • You’re doing a lot of work, even with helpers
  • The move usually takes longer
  • There’s more responsibility
  • The potential risk for injury is greater
  • Less experience than the pros

Handling a move yourself can save money, but it’s remarkably time-consuming and requires a lot of heavy lifting, which you can’t do alone. These disadvantages are why more people choose professional movers.

Professional Moving Company

Professional movers are experienced in every aspect of the move and can save you time and stress. This includes packing your boxes, moving your belongings and furniture, and helping set up the furniture.

You don’t have to stress over doing all of the heavy-lifting and renting a truck. A professional moving company will handle all of that for you. This option also saves time because professional movers work quickly.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

More people are hiring a professional mover over DIY moving. Here are some benefits of hiring professional movers:

  • They do the heavy lifting, not you
  • There’s less work and planning on your end
  • Movers are trained to handle fragile belongings and furniture
  • Full-service moves offer packing and unpacking options
  • More time to unpack and organize after the move

Disadvantages of Hiring Professional Movers

  • Sometimes costly
  • Entrust others with your belongings
  • More limited scheduling options

Turning your move over to professional movers allows you to save your back from injury and focus on the numerous details that need to be taken care of during the move.

Trust a Professional Moving Company With Your Next Move

When you seek help from a professional moving company, you’ll see why hiring movers is the best option. Professional movers take the stress out of moving. Contact us for a free quote.