How to Pack for a Move: Organization Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’re dreading an upcoming move to a new home, you’re not alone. Research shows that moving is one of the most stressful life events you’ll have.

One reason why moving is so overwhelming is that the process can quickly become chaotic. This is why organizing from the start is essential.

Here’s a rundown of four tips on how to pack for a move that will help you stay organized.

1. Develop a Binder for Moving

One of the smartest things you can do before hiring a local mover is to create and maintain a master binder for your moving process.

This type of binder can easily help you to remain organized by tracking all of your moving-related receipts and contracts. Also, you can use it to consolidate your moving tasks in one place.

You can store documents such as floor plans, contractor bids, financial documents, and paperwork from your moving company in your master binder. 

2. Purge the Unused Stuff

Before you start packing up your home, decide what you can leave behind.

Go through your home and look carefully at all the items in each room. If you don’t love an item, need it, or use it, then it doesn’t deserve a spot in your new home. This approach forces you to make some difficult decisions about your belongings.

Start with some of the big-ticket items in your home that will be difficult and expensive to move. For instance, if you know that some furniture won’t fit in your new house, or that you will want newer things or a maybe different style, then this is the ideal time to donate those pieces and not pay to have them moved. 

3. Color Code Your Moving Boxes

As you label your moving boxes, complete with box contents and room destinations, consider a color-coding system for your labels.

For instance, use blue labels for the kitchen boxes, green for bedroom number one, red for bedroom number two, and so on. Make sure you have signs to hang outside of each room at the new house to indicate what color belongs in that room.

Doing this will help you to more easily track and pinpoint your items as they make their way to your new house.

4. Print a Custom Moving Checklist

Consider creating a thorough moving checklist to guide you during your upcoming move. This master to-do list will make it easier for you to manage your move during each stage.

For instance, you can organize your various moving tasks by day or week to make the move easier.

5. Create a List of Box Contents

Another way to stay organized during your move is to create a list outlining the contents of each box. By doing this, you make it easier to track your belongings and locate them in your new home.

For instance, number each box and then write down what items are in each numbered box. 

Mastering How to Pack for a Move

Moving can be challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, with our help, you can rest assured that your upcoming move will be affordable, flexible, and safe. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can make your next relocation your best moving experience yet.


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