Moving Into a New Construction Home? 5 Tips to Make the Job Easier

Moving into a new construction home is different from moving into a pre-owned home in various ways. Knowing what issues can arise with a new custom home can help you prepare for your upcoming relocation. Here’s what to know.

1. Do the Final Walkthrough Before Moving In

Your contractor will perform the final walkthrough before you move into the house. Contact them if your contractor hasn’t contacted you to schedule the final walkthrough. Doing the walkthrough before moving in helps your contractor identify issues that need to be resolved. In addition, this will ensure your house is ready to be lived in by the time you’re unpacking your things.

2. Protect the Floors

If you hire a pro mover, they should take steps to protect your brand new floors from foot traffic. Ask them what they do to safeguard floors before the day of the move-in. However, if your move is a DIY relocation, take steps to protect your flooring yourself.

Use canvas runners or thick paper to protect walkways and high traffic areas. Ask people bringing in furniture not to slide the furniture around on your new hardwood floors. If you have time, put felt floor protectors on the bottoms of your furnishings before the move-in day.

3. Just Sodded the Lawn? Don’t Walk Through Grass During Move-In

You may have just laid down new sod on your new lawn. If that’s the case, ask anyone moving boxes and furniture into your home to not walk on the lawn. Your new grass needs time to become established before it can withstand heavy traffic.

4. Walk Through The House To Ensure You Have What You Need

Did your builder outfit your light fixtures with light bulbs? Do you need to lay contact paper in the cabinets? Check for any last-minute items that you need to complete before moving in. This will help ensure that your house is ready for your relocation! Also, don’t forget to turn on utilities, like heat and Internet service.

5. Watch for Problems with Construction After Moving In

After you move in, you may notice some problems with your home’s construction. This could be anything from a malfunctioning water heater to a loose shelf or a cabinet that doesn’t close quite right. Start making a checklist of these items from the minute the movers start unloading the boxes into your house.

The quicker you can bring these issues up with your custom home builder, the easier it will be to fix the problems. If you wait too long to have these problems addressed by the home builder, your builder may resist making repairs.

Work With a Professional Moving Company

There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving into a new home. Working with a professional moving company makes it easier to focus your attention on the issues that could arise with your new house. If you’re relocating soon, call today to get a quote for your move.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Relocating your home is stressful, with many moving parts to coordinate. You’ll undoubtedly face many decisions during the process, including whether or not to hire professional movers or take the DIY route.

Professional movers are highly experienced and know all the ins and outs associated with transporting possessions from one location to another. People can carry out a relocation themselves, but it’s time-consuming and involves a lot of extra work. So as you’re making your lists, consider these four reasons why hiring a professional mover can make a move more manageable and less taxing.

1. No Worries About Finding Manpower

Taking the DIY moving route means finding vehicles large enough to fit everything and recruiting people to help. It also means multiple trips back and forth, which can be tiring. Also, consider that while it’s generous of family and friends to help you move, sometimes circumstances change, and you might find yourself stuck on moving day without the help you need. Professional movers take care of the heavy lifting and can do it all in one trip.

2. Can Save Money

Many people assume hiring a pro mover is more expensive. While sometimes this is true, going a DIY route often doesn’t save you as much as you’d think. Going the DIY route involves the following costs, which can quickly add up.

  • Renting a truck
  • Fuel costs
  • Moving tools/equipment
  • Packing materials.
  • Time off work to pack and physically move
  • Any unanticipated costs

Home Advisor reports the typical range of a move is about $870 to $2,400, depending on if movers are hired strictly for transporting belongings or if clients pay for a full service that includes packing, unpacking, and furniture disassembly/reassembly. The benefit of this way is that you know exactly what you’ll pay for your move upfront if you go with a binding estimate.

To bring down costs, you can also take a hybrid approach—consider hiring a professional mover to take care of the bulky and heavy items while you handle the packing and moving of smaller items.

3. Ensures Personal Safety

Moving an entire household equals a lot of back-breaking work, and some of it can be pretty risky from a safety perspective. Carrying heavy items down staircases can be tricky and lead to injury. The weather might be rough on your moving day, creating slipping hazards. Professional movers know how to properly carry belongings, move them safely, and have the equipment to protect them from injury. They also are highly experienced at moving in less than ideal conditions and know what precautions to take.

4. Frees Up Time

Both local and long-distance moves involve a lot of planning. Sometimes, the list of things to do seems endless. For example, you need to settle your account with your landlord and utility companies if you’re renting. If you’ve sold your home, you have to make sure you’ve followed all details associated with the contract to the letter. If you have children or are changing jobs, there are other transitionary steps to take and set up utilities and services you’ll need in your new home. By hiring a professional mover, you’ll have more time to focus and ensure you don’t overlook any necessary details.

Moving Made Easy

Hiring the pros makes for a quick and seamless process, helping you quickly settle into your new home. Contact us for a free quote to learn more about our services.