Moving in a Hurry? Stay On Track with These Time-Saving Tips

Are you planning a move? You are not alone. Data shows that the average adult in this country will move at least 11 times in life. Moves can happen for many reasons; buying a new home, leaving a roommate or significant other, or landing a new job in a new city.

In an ideal world, you would have months to prepare for a move. Unfortunately, it is pretty common to have to move on short notice. Relocating is chaotic already. Throw in time constraints, and things can get all-out crazy. Here are a few time-saving tips to help you out.

1. Schedule the professional movers early.

Get your professional moving team scheduled as soon as possible. This will eliminate the chance that you can’t secure professional help because they are booked solid. Plus, some moving companies offer help with things like packing and getting packing supplies.

2. Stock up on moving supplies in one trip.

To thwart the time suck that can come along with making multiple box runs and trips for packing tape, make a quick list of moving supplies. Your goal will be to gather everything you need in one trip. A few tips as you make your list:

  • The average move requires five larger boxes, eight medium boxes, and up to 10 small boxes per room (other than the bathroom)
  • You will likely need two to three medium boxes per bathroom
  • Packing tape rolls can be from 54 to 100 yards in length; pick up a roll for every 30 boxes or so
  • Get a pack of multicolored markers to label everything; each room gets its own color
  • Pick up bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and packing paper

Boxes usually can be purchased in bundles, which will make it much easier to haul a load of them in one trip. Check with your moving company as a ons-stop place to pick up your packing supplies. If all goes well, you can have all the supplies you need in one trip so you won’t be running out in the process.

3. Pack only what you plan to take.

Moving in a rush means you have to allocate your time wisely. Most of your time moving goes for packing, so only pack what you must. If you’re getting rid of unwanted things during the moving process, wait to deal with them until you’ve finished with the items that must be packed.

Designate a large box for giveaways and drop things in as you go. If you run out of time in the end, just drop off the box at a donation center. Those items don’t have to be specially packed or protected.

A few other ways to cut packing time:

  • Don’t worry about packing large items
  • Bigger boxes hold more and can quicken packing processes
  • Skip packing things that can be easily replaced (e.g., cleaning supplies, coffee mugs, pantry food)

4. Clear one room at a time.

It can seem logical to dart from room to room as you pack, so it feels like you are making progress all over the house. But, it is better if you take things one room at a time. For example, if you start in the master bedroom, don’t wander off and start packing a box elsewhere halfway through.

If you find items in one room that go somewhere else in the house while packing, drop the item in a labeled box for that room. You can accomplish a lot more, a lot faster by clearing one room at a time.

In a Hurry to Move

Relocating is a lot of work, but you don’t have to go at it alone even when you are in a hurry.  Reach out to professional movers to ease the heavy load.

Tackling the Garage Before Your Move – Tips for Downsizing, Decluttering, and Packing

The garage is such a valuable part of your home. It (hopefully) houses your vehicle, keeps your tools and lawn equipment tucked away, and is a good place to stick everything from an extra refrigerator to seasonal yard art.

As great as it is to have a catch-all place for an interesting collection of stuff, the garage can be the hardest part of the house to take apart and pack when it’s time to move. Here are a few tips to help you through the process.

1. Relocate Out-of-Place Items

The garage definitely becomes the landing spot for many things that don’t necessarily have a home in the house. However, you probably do have items in your garage that are more logical to be packed up with items from different rooms. For example, if you have transitioned a few small kitchen appliances and an extra box of holiday dishes to the garage, make sure these items are placed with your kitchen items.

2. Eliminate Containers of Fluid

Cans of fuel, cleaning chemicals, oil, liquid fertilizers—all of these are hard to move safely. Plus, containers of fluid are too risky to transport with all of your other belongings in the back of a moving truck. Go ahead and make an effort to use up what you can and consider passing along the rest to a neighbor then responsibly get rid of the rest of the items.

3. Trim the Tool Collection

Multiples of certain tools are commonplace in a crowded garage. People tend to generate a full collection of tools they often use but usually rely on particular tools they would prefer to use. For example, maybe you have three different floor jacks but prefer to use one, or perhaps you have four wrenches, all the same size, but prefer your newest addition. Tools are heavy, they can take up a lot of space, and it may be worth trimming the tool collection.

4. Have a Garage Sale, Donate the Rest

If your current location or HOA allows, hosting a garage sale before your residential move is an easy way to really clear out some items and make some money in the process. For instance, if you manage to trim your tool collection, you may not necessarily want to donate these items. Host a garage sale when you get a chance before moving and get a little money for things you really don’t want to pack with you.

5. Pack In Reusable Storage Containers

You can pick up some relatively sturdy moving boxes, but even those boxes can be stressed with heavy tools. If you have many hand tools and power tools, consider picking up some heavy-duty storage containers to pack them before the move. As a bonus, the containers can be used for storage and organization in the new garage.

Trust Professional Movers for Help with Your Residential Move

Whether it’s a full garage or a houseful of belongings, having help with your move can really make things easier to handle. Reach out to professional movers to help you get everything from the garage to the basement packed up and transitioned to your new place. Contact us today for a free quote.