Moving in Winter? Benefits of an Off-Season Move

Are you planning a move soon? If so, you’re not alone; every year, more than 40 million Americans — about 13 percent — make a move. More than half of these moves take place between May and September.

Summer is, by far, the busiest moving season. A summer move makes sense for many because the kids are on school break, or their work schedule is a bit more flexible. Summer is also peak housing selling and buying time, and — let’s face it — moves may be less challenging when it’s not freezing outside.

But moving during the summer comes at a price: It’s more expensive to move and possibly more challenging to find a moving company during this busy time. Moving in winter instead offers advantages. Read on to discover the benefits of an off-season move.

The Bottom Line: Cost

Moving companies are in great demand during the spring and summer months. Often, schedules stay booked well into the fall. Higher demand usually means higher prices.

After October, though, prices generally decrease. Thanks to a greater availability, movers may have more flexibility when it comes to pricing. In addition, you may discover discounts and special offers that help you save money on your move.

Moving Company Availability

When you’re moving during peak season, reserving your moving company as far in advance as you can is key. The most reputable movers are often booked many months ahead of time.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always cooperate and allow you to plan ahead. But if you wait too long, you may have to settle for whatever’s left. You may have to compromise on your dates, times, and the services you want, as well. 

In contrast, winter schedules aren’t usually as packed. So while planning ahead is always a good idea, securing an excellent household moving company for a winter move might require less lead time. In addition, you’ll be competing for your preferred dates with fewer people, so you’re more likely to get the time and date you want.

Temperature and Humidity

Moving in summer means not worrying about snow and ice. But moving in warm temperatures — especially with high humidity — isn’t pleasant, either. 

Loading and unloading boxes and heavy furniture in the heat is physically tricky and exhausting. Moving items into a non-climate-controlled storage unit in the summer heat can cause damage, as well. 

So while you might not relish the thought of moving while the snow falls, there are advantages that come with beating the heat.

Less Traffic and Road Congestion

All too often, moving in summer means dealing with congested roadways. As a result, traffic volumes peak in summer and decline through the winter months. 

More cars on the road probably mean more congestion, and that sets up the possibility that it might take longer for your moving truck to get to your new home. In addition, moving trucks must navigate traffic on the roads and at weight stations and truck stops. A winter move helps reduce these potential issues.

If you’re fortunate enough to choose when to move, consider passing on peak season. A winter move in the off-season offers several advantages that may just make your move smoother.

Make Your Winter Move

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4 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up the Kitchen in Your Rental

Outdated or drab kitchen space can make it hard to be enthusiastic about cooking meals. Unfortunately, if you’re moving into a new rental home or apartment, you don’t typically have many options to make significant changes. The good news is there are a few inexpensive ways you can quickly spruce up your new-to-you kitchen without violating your lease or spending a lot of money. Of course, check with your landlord first before tackling these projects. 

1. Paint Kitchen Walls

It’s amazing how a simple coat (or two!) of paint can completely transform a room. Covering up a bland white or outdated color with a layer of fresh paint can do wonders to improve the mood and feel of a kitchen. Most landlords or property managers are okay if you choose a color that is easy to paint over once you leave, especially if you offer to bring it back to white or another neutral color before you depart. Ideally, if you have time before your upcoming move, do the painting before bringing your belongings in; it’ll make things easier during your first few weeks in your new home.

2. Use Organizational Strategies

Many rentals come with small kitchens that offer little in terms of storage space. This typically results in cluttered counters on already limited surfaces or a table that you can’t use since it’s serving as a storage area. However, easy, inexpensive ways you can plan to add storage and organization (before you even unpack to reduce clutter on counters) and make more room in cabinets include:

  • Install hanging space for pots and pans.
  • Add a pegboard to hang cookware and other food prep essentials.
  • Use portable storage shelves to insert in cabinets and pantries to double the space.
  • Place cutlery trays inside drawers – alternately, use drawer dividers that work with spring tension to separate space.
  • Use hooks to hang mugs or add racks to hang stemware.
  • Purchase a rolling kitchen island, ideally with a butcher block surface and a shelf or cubby underneath, that is easily portable.

These and other organizational solutions can go a long way towards freeing up space throughout the kitchen. Plus, many of them also add a level of convenience for those high-need daily items.

3. Upgrade Lighting

Many older kitchens have dim or inefficient lighting, which can impact the look of the room. The good news is many fixtures are easy to replace and don’t require bringing in a professional. Buy a vintage light fixture online, or go with a sleek modern option. Other options you can do is add portable lighting to hang over the stove or LED strip lights underneath the cabinets – some of these can be set on timers, or you can use a remote. Or try using plants and other strategies for a creative way to perk up the plainness.

4. Add Accents Throughout the Kitchen

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make a world of difference. Add artwork, removable borders to the walls, toss down a pretty throw rug, update cabinet hardware, change outlet plates for outlets and light switches, hanging plants, or cover the refrigerator with removable wallpaper or photo prints.

Moving Made Easy!

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