Safety Tips: Moving While Pregnant

Moving during pregnancy is stressful, and there are various challenges and safety concerns, depending on what month of your pregnancy you are in. Throughout the moving process, you may be dealing with morning sickness or extreme exhaustion. Depending on your situation, you might also be limited in the activities you’re allowed to do.

Safety when moving will be your top concern. It’ll be essential to avoid the heavy lifting and to sidestep the stresses as best you can. We’ve got some tips for a safe moving experience.

Consult With Your Obstetrician

The health of you and your baby is your absolute priority! Moving entails a lot of physical activity and can tap out your mental energy. As soon as you know you’ll be moving, consult with your obstetrician to talk about the dos and don’ts associated with transitioning to your new home. Your doctor will look at your pregnancy history, stage of pregnancy, and then offer you guidance on how to proceed safely, including how to lift and bend while pregnant.

Speaking of obstetricians, if you’re moving to a new area, be sure to have a new doctor lined up, so your prenatal checkups aren’t disrupted. Transfer your medical records to the new office and set up your next appointment before moving, so it’s one less detail to take care of when you are getting settled in.

Recognize Your Limitations

Now’s not the time to push yourself. Don’t let yourself feel you have to be Supergirl and get it all done at lightning speed. If your body or mind is telling you to slow down, be sure to listen to these inner cues. Be sure to take time to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep. Take cat naps when you can, or if that’s not possible, plan just to kick your feet up and close your eyes at several intermittent times during the day.

Recruit Help

Try to recruit help from family and friends as soon as you know you’re going to move. Chances are many will be eager to help pack your belongings or do some cleaning. It’ll also give yourself some time to visit with people you may not get to see as often once you move – make a party of it with food and beverages.

Hire Professional Movers

Professional residential movers have the experience to help you get the work done quickly, efficiently, and best of all, stress-free. While you may have help on the departure end of things, you might not yet know people in your new neighborhood. Movers can handle the heavy lifting, and many will even assist with unpacking services.

Wait Until You’re Settled for the Nursery

You’re probably eager to get all the items your baby will need. (After all, who can resist those cute outfits, plush toys, and beautiful baby furniture?) It’s ideal to wait until you’re all moved to set up the nursery. If not, you’ll have additional boxes to pack, and will cost you more to move, even if you’re moving yourself. To alleviate stress, and save some money, order items online, and have them scheduled to ship to your new address. Same with furniture or other big-ticket items you plan to purchase for your newborn.

Let Us Help

Need help moving? Contact us today to learn more about our moving services. We can provide you with a customized experience and free up your time to focus on yourself and your baby.

Just Moved With a Teenager? 5 Ways to Help Them Adjust

Moving is complicated for everyone, but it can be incredibly challenging for teenagers. If you’re moving with a teenager, it’s important to be aware of how you can help your teen through the process. By encouraging your child to make new friends (but keep the old), you can help your teen adjust to your new community. 

Moving to a new community is also a good opportunity for you to spend time with your child and become closer as a family. These tips can help your child adjust to your new town.

Keep Up With Old Friends

If you moved locally, offer to give your child rides to see friends. Or provide stamps for writing letters, or give your child access to the technology they need to stay in touch with the friends they knew before their move. Ask about your child’s old friends from time to time to show that you support your child staying in touch with the people they knew in their old home.

Explore Your New Community Together

This is a wonderful chance for you and your child to find your new favorite things to do in your new community. Explore fun things to do like cultural centers, restaurants, entertainment centers, and historical landmarks. You can do this either after your relocation or before, to give you something to look forward to.

Listen to Your Teen

Your child will need someone to listen to them. In the weeks leading up to and following the move, your child may experience various emotions that they will need to explore and discuss. Taking the time to ask your child about their feelings and then listening to what they have to say helps your child feel like you’re truly there for them.

Take the time to eat cookies or have a snack, and talk to your child. Find out what might be keeping them awake at night or what they’re excited about in their new community. Having these types of talks can help you and your child feel closer, and also helps your child feel recognized.

Make Time to Be Together

Arrange for movie nights, watch TV shows, and spend time doing your teen’s favorite activities. Having these types of talks can help you and your child feel closer and help your child feel recognized. Making time to be together with your child can help them feel supported and cuts out any boredom that your child might feel after the move.

Check Out Community Groups, School Clubs

Encourage your child to get involved at their new school. Community groups and school clubs can help your teen get involved in their new community. Ultimately this can help them start to fit in and make new friends. Do some research with your teen to find out which clubs and community groups would be best.

Make Your Move a Success with Professional Movers

If you’re moving, this is a time when you should be focusing on family. Hiring professional movers can help you get through the process while taking care of your family. Contact a professional moving company today to schedule your upcoming relocation.