Organizing Your Garage In Your New Home

Garages often become spaces that collect everything from tools to holiday decorations. Indeed, organization experts estimate that only about 30 percent of people put their cars in their garage because they have too much other stuff.

Moving to a new home provides a fresh start at organizing the garage. Here are some tips.

Declutter Before Your Move

One of the best ways to easily organize your new garage is to start only with the necessary items. Before moving from your old home, set aside a weekend to clean the garage and take inventory. Then, donate, sell, or discard what you don’t need.

Safety First

Storing some items in your garage is unsafe or unwise. Among these items are:

  • Propane. Propane can catch fire easily.
  • Paint. Extreme temperatures can ruin it.
  • Pet food. The smell will attract unwanted wild animals.
  • Paper products. Paper attracts bugs.

Also, ensure your garage door opener is safe. The safest openers include a U.L.-listed motor and automatically stop closing if a child or animal runs underneath.

Lockable storage cabinets are a great way to prevent kids or pets from accessing lawn chemicals and other harmful materials. Also, mesh bags are an excellent way to store balls to prevent them from rolling away and becoming hazards.

Develop a Floor Plan

Note the dimensions of your garage, then create a floor plan. Create zones and store similar items together so that you can find them easily. Store your lawnmower and bulky items in corners. Store frequently used smaller items near the door.

Keep the Floor Clear

Move items off the floor when possible. You can buy or easily make many storage solutions that organize items and are raised. For example:

  • Pegboards for tools
  • Slat walls for ladders, baby carriages, and similar items
  • Wall hooks for hanging items
  • Wire shelving or cabinets on legs for placing storage bins

Use Overhead Space

Garage ceilings are usually high to maximize your garage space with overhead storage. Mounted overhead racks are great for storing totes or items you use only seasonally. Overhead racks are also great for storing kayaks or bikes. You can also hang ladders from the bottom of high shelving.

When looking for overhead space, remember the space above the garage door. It may be perfect for items such as inflatable pools or plastic planters.

Move Large Items to a Shed

Move large items such as lawnmowers and wheelbarrows to a shed if possible. Moving these items will free up significant space in the garage. Since lawnmowers often contain gas, storing them away from the house is much safer.

If you don’t have a shed, a pulley shelving system may be a good option for heavy items. You can store the items up high, then use the pulleys to move them to the garage floor.

Consider a Portable Workspace

If you like to use your garage as a workspace, consider a portable option on wheels. You can use the portable workstation independently or with a workbench or desk. You can also use it as a mobile bar or snack cart.

Moving Simplified

The right residential moving company can make moving to a new home more manageable and less stressful. Contact us today for your free quote. We can help simplify your relocation.