Tips From Professional Movers: How To Prepare For Your Move

You can keep your sanity with these helpful tips from professional movers:

Supplies: You will need boxes, tape, packing material, and a marker or two. You will need quite a few boxes, probably more than you think you’ll need. You will also need strong packing tape to secure your boxes. Packing material is for cushioning your items and you can use newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing paper. The markers come in handy for labeling the boxes. Having plenty of these items will make your packing process more efficient and less of a headache.

Color coordinate: Assign a color to each room. For instance, you can designate yellow for your bathroom, blue for the living room, etc. Put colored stickers on the appropriate boxes while packing. Once you get into your new home, place the matching sticker on the door for each room. This will help you (or the movers) know where each box goes.

Keep things together: While packing, keep items that go together, together. For instance, keep light bulbs with the lamps, bookends with books, and picture hooks with pictures. You can attach small, loose parts to items with a piece of tape or in envelopes. For big items, such televisions, attach the corresponding cord to the back or underside of the item in a resealable bag. Another option is to place all cords, cables, pieces, and parts in one box labeled, “Parts” or something similar.

Pre-Pack: Pack as much as you can prior to moving day. This can save you quite a bit of time when the real packing starts. If you are moving during the winter, pack up all of your summer clothes. You can also pack extra blankets, sheets, and towels. You will likely find items in almost every room of your home that you can live without for a week or two.

Keep Security in mind: Always keep Home Security in mind. Moving in a new location can be difficult and dangerous if you don’t know the the place. While moving make sure you don’t show your valuables around. Doing so can make your new home a target for criminals and ill minded people.  Unfortunately Home Security can be costly but after doing a little research we have found quite a lot of interesting articles on how you can protect your property with some bright cost effective ideas written by Home Security Experts at Security Sign Solutions.

Moving may not be the most fun thing ever, but you can make it bearable with these helpful tips. For more information about moving, don’t hesitate to contact us.