5 Ways to Label Moving Boxes So You Know Exactly What’s There

Is your household move starting to feel overwhelming? Are you imagining your new home, full of boxes, and if they have all ended up in their intended unpacking location? And, do you know what’s inside each one?

When tackling a move, your labeling approach makes a big difference in the way you unpack. It can set the mood for the first month in your new home.

You’ll need a way to know exactly what each box contains. If you use a combination of these five ideas, that’s what you’ll get.

1. Buy Labels

Most official moving boxes come printed with a square for labeling. That doesn’t mean it’s the best or only choice when it comes to labeling.

Investing in moving labels can make the marker ink show up better, making it easier to read.

Aim for products that have some weather resistance. That way, if they get wet, the ink won’t run.

2. Print Big

Once you stack the boxes, you’ll be looking at them from a distance. That means you and the movers will need to be able to read it.

Imagine you work for a moving company. You would need to know what to do with the box within a second or two.

Choose a permanent marker with a broad tip in a dark color. Write clearly and keep the words short. Simple language is easier for workers to decipher.

3. Use Color-Coding

Writing the designated room on the box may not be enough. If you want to make sure every box ends up in the right room, you may also want to use a color code.

You can buy boxes of moving labels with color-coded stickers for each room. You can also purchase different rolls of duct tape and put a strip along opposite edges of the box.

Color coding may not make as much sense on a large scale. If you have to distinguish between three different shades of blue, you probably need another system.

4. Identify Location and Contents

Make sure every label includes the name of the room that each box should be placed in. 

Keep in mind that some of your labeling efforts help you more than the movers. When you’re ready to unpack, you don’t want to guess which of these 20 boxes has the item you need.

While you pack, give yourself enough time to write down the general theme of each box. If you have five boxes of dishware, outline which one has the plates and which one has the mugs.

Detailed labeling is even more important if someone else is unpacking for you. They’re less likely to damage or misplace stuff that way.

5. Write on Multiple Sides

By the time you finish packing, you may have many tall stacks of boxes. Perhaps you’ll have a whole room or storage unit full of them.

Do you have any idea what’s inside? How would you get to them if you needed to read the label on top?

Put the most basic information on at least two sides, as well as the top. That way, you can tell at a glance where it will need to go. Make sure you label more than the top of the box. When the boxes are stacked, you won’t be able to see the label at all!

Make the Move Right

If you’re going to live amongst boxes for the next couple of months, you might as well do it on your terms. With these labeling tips and tricks, you’ll know just where to find everything you need.

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