The Three Golden Rules of Unpacking After a Move

Much planning and forethought go into preparing your home for a move. However, the time right after your professional movers get your belongings to your new place can be just as important. 

After the moving truck pulls away and you prepare to get life started in your new home, there are a few golden rules to remember about unpacking that can simplify the process.

1. Reserve time for unpacking.

Most people take off work to prepare for their move but don’t forget you will also need time after getting where you are going. Unpacking and getting your house in order can take a lot of time—sometimes even more time than packing. Most people don’t empty their very last box after moving until 182 days after they arrive. This significant amount of time is proof of just how long unpacking can take and how many people don’t allocate enough time after the move.

Making time for unpacking is essential. Even though you can delay it — you are still going to need to tackle it. The faster you get your boxes unpacked, your things in their places, and your house in working order, the quicker your new place will feel like home.

2. Work on setting up essential rooms first.

While looking at a house full of boxes can seem a little overwhelming, setting up your essential spaces first can put your mind at ease and make life easier. Consider which rooms your family relies on the most. A few examples include the kitchen — because this is where you prepare most of your meals —  or the bathroom because everyone needs a place to shower and handle personal grooming.

Of course, what you consider essential can vary depending on your household dynamics. For instance, if you work from home, you may need to prioritize your home office over some other areas. Most people can get by just fine if they don’t unpack their bedroom completely or their living room is just a sofa and a bunch of boxes for a few days.

3. Unpack room by room after you complete the primary spaces.

Once you have your essential items unpacked and in place, you are free to work on whatever part of the home you prefer. While you can pick pretty much any room, try to limit your unpacking efforts to one room at a time. Many people look at pulling one thing from one box and something else from another to go in another room as multitasking. For example, maybe you pull towels from bathroom boxes and intend to drop a few items off in the kitchen along the way.

Even though this form of multitasking can seem more productive, research has shown that multitasking is a bit of a myth. In other words, if you are trying to unpack more than one room at a time, you can end up wasting more time than you realize by moving from room to room and refocusing your attention repeatedly.

Trust Professional Residential Movers for Your Next Move

All aspects of a move can mean a lot of work for you and your family, but enlisting the help of a residential moving company can genuinely help. If you are in the process of planning your household move, contact us for a free moving quote today.


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