Moving With Little Ones In Tow: Helping Your Toddler Feel At Home In Their New Room

When you’re moving with a young child, it’s normal for emotions to run high. For example, your toddler may be excited about moving into a new home while also feeling sad about leaving their old house (and friends) behind. 

Check out these tips for helping your little one begin to feel comfortable and at home in their new room after you move to your new home. 

1. Prepare Appropriately 

When you’re packing up your home, pack your child’s room last. While it can be tough to have your child around while you’re packing, involve them as much as you can in putting their belongings into boxes. It’s wise to talk to one of your child’s stuffed animals as you pack up their things, saying things like “we’ll see you when we get to the new house!” before placing a beloved toy into a box. 

Remind your child that their things aren’t being thrown away and that they’ll be waiting for them at your new home. Allow your child space to express their feelings, and remember that it’s ok and normal for them to feel sad, angry, or frustrated as you go through the packing process.

2. Unpack Your Child’s Room First 

When you arrive at your new home, unpack your child’s room as soon as possible. While it may be tempting to replace furniture or implement a new decorative scheme in their new room, you’ll want to try to make their new space as familiar as possible. When packing, be sure to mark all of your child’s items clearly so that you’re able to locate them when you begin organizing your new home. 

3. Keep Bedtime Routines as Uniform As Possible 

Routine is essential for toddlers to feel safe and secure, and sticking to their bedtime routine can help them gain a sense of comfort as they settle into their new space. While it can be tempting to rush through bedtime so you can get back to unpacking, take your time to help your little one begin to adjust. 

4. Consider Using a Baby Monitor

Even if you stopped using a baby monitor at your old home, it might be time to pull it out and use it at your new home until your child has adjusted to the new environment. 

When your toddler wakes up at night, it can be scary and disorienting to realize that they’re in an unfamiliar room. Using a baby monitor may help you comfort them faster than waiting for their cries to reach your room. When you go into your child’s room to comfort them, reassure them that they’re safe, that you’re in your new home, and all their favorite stuffed animals and toys are right there with them. It may help to use a night light to help them get more comfortable with their surroundings

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