6 Creative Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Your new house may be great, but it may not feel as familiar and homey as your last place. That’s no problem. After moving into a new home, many people go through a transition period. You can remedy this by decorating intentionally, installing nice landscaping, and establishing routines. 

Below are some suggestions for making your new house feel more like home after a household move.

1. Fill Rooms With Pleasant Comforts

Fill each room of your home with pleasant comforts that make everyday life more enjoyable. Some examples:

  • Big, fuzzy throw pillows and blankets
  • New soft towels for your bathroom
  • Candles

Install soft rugs in the living room, bedroom, and guest room.

2. Landscape

Attractive landscaping boosts curb appeal and makes your home more welcoming from the exterior. When you come home to a well-landscaped property, it gets easier to appreciate where you live. If you’re still unpacking, you may have little time to landscape your property. Fortunately, there are easy ways to landscape a new house.

  • Establish a regular watering schedule to keep the grass green and healthy
  • Plant colorful, low-maintenance annuals in the garden beds
  • Lay down mulch around annuals to keep out weeds

3. Establish Routines

Establish routines to make life in your new home feel stable and predictable. These new routines may include breakfast on the patio on weekend mornings, dinners at the same time each night, and a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Work with other family members to find routines that work for you. Over time, some of these routines may become traditions that bring the family together and create fond memories of your new home.

4. Paint the Walls

Your new home may be painted a generic white or painted in colors that appeal to the previous owners. Either way, unless it’s a new construction home, you likely didn’t choose that color for yourself. Painting the walls can help you feel more ownership over your new house. In common areas of your home, you might select neutrals that match the furniture and establish a pleasant environment for visitors.

In private parts of your house, like the bedroom, feel free to pick a color that is a personal favorite. Whether you love blues, greens, purples, or peaches, choosing a color that can make your bedroom feel more like your space and less like someone else’s is important.

5. Add Extra Light

  • Insufficient lighting, especially fluorescent lighting, makes a house feel unwelcoming. Make sure your lighting fixtures emit relaxing, warm white or yellow hues. Then, supplement the existing light where necessary. Adding lamps or string lights can instantly transform any room into a cozy retreat. Put in dimmers if you can so that you can change the intensity of the lights in a room to suit your needs or the time of day.

6. Include Greenery

  • Plants and flowers, like works of art and animals, are celebrated for their ability to lift spirits and calm the mind. Add fresh flowers and greenery to your new home to replicate the coziness of nature. Plenty of low-maintenance houseplants can provide you with a little bit of nature. Plant herbs in mason jars in front of your kitchen window, buy fresh flowers every week and display them on your dining room table, or choose one of the many low-maintenance houseplants that can survive periods without water.

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