Tips for Moving With a Toddler

Moving is challenging, but relocating with a young child presents its own difficulties. You can successfully relocate with a toddler. Here are some ways to lessen the stress of making a household move with a young child.

Talk to Your Child

Your toddler will notice the disruption immediately. Ensure they understand that everyone in the house is moving so they don’t fear being left behind. You might use a stuffed animal as a prop for the discussion. For example, “Hey, cat. We will have a new house, but you can still live in Shirley’s room.” Or consider reading to them from a children’s book on moving.

If possible, take them to visit the new house before the movers come.

Follow Consistent Routines

Toddlers gain comfort from routines. As much as possible, maintain the same schedules during your move. Keeping the same bedtime is most important.

Get Help

Find child care for one whole day while preparing to move, then use the time to declutter and pack boxes.

Since a toddler requires constant care to keep them safe, find someone to watch them on your moving day. You’ll want to focus on how the process is going. 

Allow Time for Snuggles

Children crave attention. Pausing for snuggles during moving preparation can help your child adjust better.

Once you’ve moved into the new home, spend as much time cuddling with your toddler as possible. They want their parents to help them through the changes. If you work, take time off to spend with them during the initial adjustment period.

Also, look for moments of fun throughout the move. Boxes can make great toys in the short term.

Avoid Vacations

Toddlers need to get into the routine of their new home as soon as possible. Avoid scheduling vacations within the first few months of moving into your new home. Even a short vacation can make your toddler feel less secure.

Pack Their Bedroom Last

Your toddler will want a haven from the chaos. To provide this, pack up the toddler’s bedroom last and set it up first in the new home. If they have favorite sheets, consider keeping them on the bed until the last minute, then removing them on moving day and washing them to put them back on before bed at night.

Also, pack a box or small backpack of your child’s favorite toys and stuffed animals and set it aside so you’ll have them when you arrive in your new home. You might also pack diapers, cups, and other necessities in the box.

Toddler-Proof the House

Remember to toddler-proof the house. Eliminate window shade cords, cover outlets, and install baby gates as needed to keep your child safe.

Stay Calm

Toddlers quickly pick up on the emotions of their parents. If the child senses your anxiety, they are more likely to become anxious. Practice self-care so that you can remain calm during the move.

Hire Professional Movers

Professional movers can take care of many details, giving you time to spend with your toddler. Contact us today for a free quote for your upcoming move.


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