Tips on Downsizing and Decluttering for Your Move

Downsizing and decluttering are an integral part of the moving process. In addition, if you’re selling your home, decluttering will make the home more appealing to potential buyers.

However, downsizing and decluttering can help your move go more smoothly, even if you’re not selling a home. The more you can dispose of, the less you’ll have to pack and unpack. As a result, downsizing and decluttering also can reduce the cost of your move.

Here are some tips on downsizing and decluttering.

Start Early

A good rule of thumb is to start at least three months before your move, but the earlier, the better. If you can start early, you’ll leave yourself time to sort through your home without feeling overwhelmed.

Determine a Method

Several methods exist for downsizing your home. In the KonMari way, you take one category at a time and give away any items that no longer spark joy. In the one-a-day method, you let go of one thing each day or the number of items that match that day of the month. So, for example, if today were the 15th, you’d discard 15 items.

Another method is the four-box method, which restricts what you can do by only giving you four options. You either keep the item, donate it, toss it, or sell it. You avoid putting things in storage.

Have a Goal

If you already have found a new place to live, you’ll determine your downsizing goal based on the size of your new home. First, measure the rooms to know whether or not your large pieces of furniture will fit. Also, measure the closet, pantry, shelf, and storage spaces within the home.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When determining whether an item will fit in your new home, measurements aren’t the only criteria. A home indicates a lifestyle, and your lifestyle may change with the move.

For example, suppose you move from a home in the suburbs to a condo in the city. You won’t need any lawn care equipment. You also may not need exercise equipment if your condo building has a gym.

As another example, suppose you are moving to your retirement home. You won’t need most of your professional clothes, briefcases, and other items you used on the job.

Go Digital

Sort through all your paper files. You may be able to discard many of them, and you can also convert them to digital. Home movies, music, and photographs also can be preserved digitally.

Start from the Bottom 

When cleaning out closets, start with the items on the floor first, then work your way to the items on hangers. This method gives you space to work. It also boosts your confidence because the job will appear closer to being finished.

Divvy Up Sentimental Items

If sentimental items don’t fit into your new home, consider giving them to relatives or friends who also have a connection to the item. In addition, you can retain the memory by taking a digital photo of the item and writing a description of its significance.

Down to the Basics for Your Move

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