Packing Attic or Basement Storage: How to Minimize Along the Way

For many people, miscellaneous items that end up in the attic or basement are rarely used. So when preparing for a move, you can quickly realize just how much stuff you have collected in these spaces. Unfortunately, some of these extra belongings can just add to the load when you may not even use the stuff often enough to keep. So here are a few good tips for minimizing the number of things you have to pack in your attic or basement before moving.

1. Pull everything out of the space first.

Some basements and attics can be cramped, which means they may not be the best place to assess all you have stored in the area. Therefore, an excellent tip to remember as you pack before moving is to get everything moved to a site where you can better assess the collection. This also offers a twofold advantage of physically handling everything, which means looking at each item and deciding whether it is worth keeping. 

2. Organize everything into storage containers.

Pick up some suitable storage containers with lids. Opt for stackable versions. These containers can be packed, transported, and then restored with ease in the new house. A few good features to look for include: 

  • Sturdy handles and not handles built into the lids 
  • Secure-fit lids 
  • Proper fill weight for what you intend to store 
  • Clear bins for easy visibility if that’s important 

Once you have your storage bins, label them or do what you need to designate the container for a specific purpose. 

3. Look at what does not belong.

Once you have filled the containers with items from your basement or attic, look at the things you still have that don’t necessarily have a place to go. Attics and basements can become catch-alls for many items that may be more logical in other areas in the house. For example, if you find various hand tools, it’s better to pack those with items from the garage. 

4. Pull out what you haven’t used in over a year.

After organizing your collection and ensuring everything is in its place, you might have some other items you don’t necessarily need to take with you. Minimalist tips can help you if you are struggling to let go of things. Consider: 

  • Is this an item you actually use
  • Does the item have personal or tangible value
  • Is the item worth the space it consumes

These questions can be helpful so you can sift out what will never be used or what would be best donated, which can truly help you lighten the load during your move. 

Get Packing With the Help of Moving Pros 

From the basement to the attic and every space in between, packing up a home can be a lot of work. To make sure your big transition is not so stressful, be sure to enlist the help of a moving company. Reach out to us so we can offer a free moving quote today. 


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