Moving Made Easy: 5 Things You Can Do

Moving can be tricky! You can make it easier with these five basic tasks. Finding the right residential moving company, decluttering before packing, and engaging in similar tasks can help make your move day a smooth success. Here’s what you need to know about simplifying your move day. 

1. Find the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company is a crucial part of relocating. The right moving company is timely and careful with your things. They’ll have references from previously happy customers who can vouch for their performance and a reputation for excellence in your community.

Vet multiple moving companies as you look for the right company for your relocation. Call references and compare quotes. Resist hiring the least expensive moving company simply because they’re more affordable. Instead, hire a moving company you can trust to respect your time and handle your things carefully. 

2. Declutter Before Packing

Aside from finding the right moving company, decluttering is one of the most valuable things you can do to make your move successful. Engage in strategic decluttering before you start packing for your relocation. Decluttering makes packing more manageable by reducing the volume you need to pack. It also makes unpacking easier and helps you maintain organization upon arriving in your new home.

Decluttering can be time-consuming, so give yourself ample time to finish it. If you don’t have time to declutter your entire house, spend some time decluttering those parts of your home where you think it’s most needed. Speed up the decluttering process with help from friends or relatives. 

3. Make Videos When Disassembling Furniture

Taking apart furniture is easy, but putting it back together can be challenging. Make videos of yourself when disassembling furniture so you can reflect on those videos when it’s time to reassemble. Watching what you did first, second, third, and so on will help you put the furniture back together correctly and more efficiently when the time comes. 

4. Keep Extra Packing Tape, Makers, Boxes, and Scissors On Hand

Packing is incredibly frustrating when you can’t find the scissors or packing tape when needed. Keep extras of each packing supply on hand, so you’ll always be able to find what you need when you need it. If your home is multiple floors, keep packing supplies on each floor, so you won’t have to run all over the house looking for the supplies when it’s time to pack. 

Pro tip: Create several moving supply caddies to place in various locations in your house to assist in packing. Use a small bin, shower caddy, toolkit, or box to create this packing helper. Put essential packing supplies like tape guns, sharpies, labels, scissors, and post-its in the caddy to have ready when you are busy packing.

5. Choose Moving Day Strategically

Weekends, days at the end or beginning of the month, and summer are hectic times for movers. You may have a more challenging time booking a moving company if you’re relocating on a day when many other people are also relocating. Stay flexible with your moving day. When movers are less busy, you may pay less for your move, and even if you don’t, you may find it easier to book your preferred moving company.

Relocating? Contact a Moving Company You Can Trust

Relocating is better when you hire a moving company that you can trust. Call the moving company with a reputation for doing good work. For a free quote for your upcoming relocation, call today.